• Creative Writing Competition

    Posted on 11 Jun, 2015

    The first edition of the creative writing competition with the French International School of Guanzghou (F.I.S.G) is done complete. Final winners were Florian Bompard from UISG, and Bruno Massange from the F.I.S.G. Students received awards, gifts and trophies on Tuesday, the 9th of June at F.I.S.G. All entries for the Creative Writing Competition have been collated and published as an e-book that includes all the short stories written by students in French Literature. Please click HERE to view. 

  • Class of 2015 Graudation

    Posted on 2 Jun, 2015

    Saturday 30th May saw the Class of 2015 Graduate in the Multi Function Hall at UISG, followed by a celebration dinner for families and staff at the Sofitel Guangzhou. It was a memorable occasion for all who attended. Please click here to view a sample of photos from the day.

    :: See Photos

  • MFH Opening Ceremony

    Posted on 2 Jun, 2015

    Thank you to the many parents (over 100) who attended the official opening of the MFH on 27th May.

    Neil McBurney
    Head of School

    :: See Photos


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