• Summer School's Blog

    Posted on 23 Jun, 2014

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  • USA Ivy League Tour - September 20-27

    Posted on 16 Jun, 2014

    During Secondary Camp Week, students in Years 7-12 may opt into the USA university tour instead of their year level camp. The cost is around 20,000 RMB. Mr Russo, Utahloy’s College Counsellor is returning to the school and will lead the trip. He is a New York born, knowledgeable ‘local’ who has taken these trips in previous years with Utahloy students. Your chance of a lifetime, to visit the top universities in the USA: Harvard, Yale, MIT, Princeton, Johns Hopkins and more. Deposit must be paid when school starts.

    Youth Sailing Summer Camp Program

    How many people get the opportunity to sail on one of the China Cup boats? High quality instruction and a week filled with activities to teach you how to sail. Only 16-20 Secondary School students (from 12-18 years) may join this exclusive sailing camp. Please see attached presentation for more details. Register as soon as school starts in August. Ms Paisley and Mr Wood will accompany students. Both have sailing experience. What an opportunity! Don’t miss it.

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  • High School Presentation & Graduation Photos

    Posted on 12 Jun, 2014

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  • International Summer School from 16th June to 11th July

    Posted on 10 Jun, 2014

    Offering Early Childhood Camp, Day Camp, Holiday English Programme, English Summer Camp, Intensive English, TOEFL & SAT Prep.

    For programme detail, please download our information booklet. For application form, please download from here.