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The Service programme at UISG aims to provide students with opportunities to develop independent thinking, planning, and organisational skills. We want our students to become active and caring members of local and global communities. Service activities move students from ‘me’ to ‘we’, as they consider others less fortunate than themselves, both locally and globally. This concept transitions through all three IB programmes, where the students are expected to show consistent commitment to projects and a balanced lifestyle.

"...if you believe in something, you must not just think or talk or write, but must act." AlecPeterson, OBE, first Director General, International Baccalaureate.

Students learn about the importance of service in the Primary School. The Roots and Shoots AOC (Activities Outside the Classroom) focuses on environmental issues and provides a hands-on approach. Students garden, recycle, use sustainable resources, join in with international eco- campaigns, build relationships with eco-minded local businesses and organisations, while engaged in authentic fundraising. Students are active in improving their environment. This AOC continues into the Secondary School as Primary and Secondary students work together on various projects.

This activity links students from the primary and secondary programmes, working together on community projects.
In the Secondary School, students are encouraged and assisted by older students to be proactive and to begin learning leadership skills as they progress through their years at school. Their expectations increase as they begin to find activities they have a passion for, and dedicate more time and energy to their cause. Many of the school and community-based projects at UISG are student-initiated and student-led.

The Service Programme fosters an environment in which students have the confidence and drive to initiate and develop their own AOC. Students are also very active as they contribute to school events such as the Festival of Lights, Family Fun Day, British Day and International Day. There are many ways to serve, and the entire UISG family understands the importance of being involved.

For more information, you can download the service programme brochure from HERE.