UAA parents


Chie Sugiura


My daughters spent about 5 years in UISG from June, 2013 to March, 2018. The elder daughter wasn’t able to speak in English at time when we just came to GZ. Teachers pushed her forward make sure she won’t be afraid to make mistakes. When she made any progress or success, they praised it in many scenes and admitted it. Then, she was able to stretch out her English with enthusiastic mind in study. So, then she could gain confidence to talk with more friends and teachers. In my opinion, I think UISG students have a great performance skill. As they give presentation in school, they learn how they can tell the audience more effectively and attractively. Her lively expression was brought up by UISG.

Younger daughter entered at the K class at the first. Teachers always watched her warmly like the sun in spring does. She enjoyed going to school every day. She started to learn from “phonics” and she got used to use English step by step. Using concrete objects, she learned math, too. In Y1, she was more advanced in learning. It was such a valuable time for her. She accepted other cultures and played with friends from various countries. She likes friends a lot.

I was happy to be part of UISG as a parent, too. This was Because I was able to make better relationship with other parents. They all have open-minded big heart. When I just came to GZ, I was nervous, but one of parents said "Hi, Nice to meet you! Where are you from?” to me, or said “Do you know how to go home? Do you need help?” to me. I always felt their kindness. So, we are not only as a parent but also as a friend. It was a treasure for me.

And I worked as a Japanese teacher for 8 months. I was a teacher when I lived in Japan. But I didn’t think I teach in China. I recognized IB education. UISG teachers were experts and were earnest for students. I learned the way of various teaching. It was precious experience for me.

I also spent 2 years in UPTA. I enjoyed working together for children and school.

Those 5 years we spent at UISG were splendid. It was valuable and significant. I appreciate for having us in part of UISG. Thank you very much.


Sandrine de Lamarzelle


I came to Guangzhou from France with my husband and our 4 children in September 2009 and have been a parent at UISG ever since. Moving was a huge challenge for the whole family: new continent, new country, new languages, new culture, new job, new friends and new school….

Looking backwards, I can assert with confidence that the community spirit of UISG is great and is what eventually kept us staying in Guangzhou. This is so because of the amazing people we have met, the committed strong teachers and staff delivering a great quality of education for everyone, the privilege to keep on the mother tongue instruction, the wonderful support for our kids on their learning journey in such a beautiful campus and the cherished memories on learning so much from different cultures and nationalities. We now have friends in all sides of the world, and we have the chance to meet them in various cities regularly.

Community spirit plays a vital role at school and I have been very happy to invest a lot of my time in the Utahloy Parents Teacher Association (UPTA) in welcoming new families and involving myself in many meaningful activities benefiting to all and working on with a wonderful team of parents coming from all over the world. I am now part of the staff. I am excited about keeping alive and fostering the immense sense of community that makes UISG so special.

When I reflect on my years, I definitively conclude that the happiest memories are my two daughters’ graduations. It was such an exceptional time. Celebrating their achievements, as well as marking an important milestone in their life with all the stakeholders of the school, was amazing.

My older daughter is now starting her Master’s degree. Time flies. In my long time at school, I have become convinced by the IB education, as this well-balanced, demanding and rigorous program is preparing our kids to become among the brightest students and well balanced adults ready to learn throughout their life.

As now we are approaching the end of the school year, time comes to say goodbye to members of our community and friends. I look forward to keeping in contact and hearing all the wonderful moments that the future will bring to them!