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UISG offers an extensive range of sport opportunities for students and encourages all to participate, regardless of ability or experience level. We encourage competitive, passionate athletes as well as those students who would like to experience a new sport. With an emphasis on sportsmanship, each student-athlete is challenged to learn and develop new skills, embrace the value of working together to achieve common goals, and become empowered to stretch beyond their boundaries and self-expectations. At UISG, we have a no-cut policy, which allows students to learn, grow, achieve, fail and succeed in a safe environment.

UISG coaches are recruited from all over the world and have a wealth of knowledge in a variety of sports. Each coach has a passion and dedication for his/her team, which enables success in each sport.

The UISG Sport Programme promotes:
» Teamwork & Sportsmanship
» Fun & Physical Fitness
» Discipline & Self-Control
» New Challenges & Experiences
» Stress & Time Management
» Leadership
» Dedication, Perseverance, Commitment
» Physical Skill Development

  • 70% of students at UISG participated in at least one sport team in 2014-2015.
  • Athletes have higher grades, on average, in comparison to non-athletes (NIAAA2012)
  • Females who participate in sports have a much higher achievement level in Science and Math. (Arace 2012)

UISG athletes have done exceptionally well in local and international tournaments alike.
The Wolves have won the championship and sportsmanship titles in multiple sports while competing in ACAMIS, SDRC and PRC.

For more information, you can download the Sports programme flyer from HERE.