The Arts – Media, Film, Visual Arts and Drama

In the Primary School, students have many opportunities to work independently or in group settings to explore different media; from drawing to charcoal, painting to 3D sculpture, clay to photography, and video.

In the Secondary School, classes are designed to develop techniques and aesthetic values. Students are encouraged to participate in the choice of media and format their work according to their individual interpretation of assignments. Students have the opportunity to create artworks by drawing, painting, photography, digital art, collage, textile art, printmaking, ceramics; and sculpture with plaster, wood, metals and other recycled materials.

Students in Drama develop a foundational understanding of the key elements of theatrical performance and production. Students study the works of various playwrights and produce an abridged play, focusing on all areas of production from acting to set design, and lighting to music. Students explore relevant theatrical forms, such as mime, puppetry, clown, script development, realistic drama and musical theatre.

In the IB Diploma Programme, Theatre Studies build advanced skills, providing an opportunity for students to explore and develop their artistic voice Students study various theatre styles such as Shakespeare and Stanislavski to fully develop understanding of theatre, theatre history and the relevance of theatrical tradition and artistic expression across cultures. This exciting and dynamic subject is designed to provide students with the technical and theoretical skills to pursue a career in the dramatic arts.