Mother Tongue Programmes

The IBO recommends that, from at least the age of 7, all students in the International Baccalaureate (IB) Primary Years Programme (PYP) have the opportunity to learn more than one language.

UISG strongly promotes international mindedness on the part of everyone.

Whilst the school’s medium of instruction is English, we recognise the importance of bilingualism and strengthening our students’ home languages. The school encourages access to different cultures, perspectives and languages.

Research shows that children who have a strong foundation in their home language can be more successful at school than monolinguals and enjoy a greater feeling of self-worth and identity. It enriches personal growth and helps facilitate international understanding for both the student and his/her peers. By continuing to have opportunities to engage in a mother tongue, learners are able to build on the language skills they have already established and it facilitates the learning of additional languages.

The ability of our students to speak languages is highlighted year on year by the number of students completing a bilingual IB Diploma. The mother-tongue programme promotes students’ native language and culture.