Eco Roots (June 2018)

14 June, 2018

"Eco roots club is proud to present its first recycling station and the creation of our Garden Utopia!

It has been a very busy and productive year for Eco roots!

Students under the lead of Inuk Lee from year 9 have been working hard on making our school greener.

They created the successful first secondary Eco-roots weeks. 

They also regularly meet with Mr Duffy from the  canteen to reduce food waste and encouraging even more ecologically friendly products.  

Promoting eco gestures has also been one of the motto of this year. They have created posters and promoted video to make our community even more aware of the problem created by straws and plastic contains,  or reminding people to switching of lights, AC, their device to save electricity.... Stay posted as next year they are planning to creating their own videos to help you become greener!

Reducing waste, recycling and reusing has been at the heart of the movement. For this reason they created the first recycling station in room B308. We recycle old batteries, cans, plastic bottles, plastic containers, plastic bags, cans, cardboards,  lids, bubble wraps, polyester, papers and now clothes (in partnership with year 6 students) All the material collected is either used in school for recycling projects, creating sets for plays, given to the ayis to use or recycle or send to the local recycling stations. 

Eco-roots members have also been supporting Selva, a Year 11 CAS project led by Camille Cure, Gerard Albert and Rieko Lengert  to reintroduce local animals such as birds and frogs in school. We are also planning to expend this partnership for Selva to help us plant and maintain our first utopia Garden. As you can see from Alice Lee's letter to the SLT ( attached below ) Eco-roots AOC aims at making our school known for been the greenest school in the Guangdong and eventually be accredited by the Eco-school label.  For this researches about plants which absorb pollution or could be useful for the canteen have been made. The school lights and orientation have been analysed to ensure plants will grow happily in our balconies, corridors and roofs. Cost and health and safety have also been considered as plants would not only help produce a cleaner hair but help us reduce AC and lighting.  We now need to find a specialist to check our ideas and help us develop our project so if you know anybody who could help us don't hesitate to pass them our contact!

Thank you so much for your support!  And please carry on helping reducing our waste and sharing your ecologically friendly ideas! 

Dear Senior Leading Team

My name is Alice Lee, and I am a Year 11 student in Utahloy. Representing the Eco-Roots AOC, I am writing to propose suggestions about gardening in the school.

Our AOC, Eco-Roots, is a ‘student-driven organization determined to make our school eco-friendly by promoting environmental awareness and action’. We are proceeding with many different projects, and one of them is planting trees in our school.

Eco-roots would like to create a garden around the Skylight on the 5th floor of the Secondary Building and on the balconies. There are several reasons for this:

1. Plants can help an insolation by letting more lights come inside the building. This means that electricity does not have to be wasted for turning on the lights. In Guangdong, some factories have saved roughly 20 percent of electricity via roof gardens.

2. Planting on the 5th floor may help protect the roof by absorbing all the water after raining.

3. Plants can help save money for the canteen because they would not need to buy any vegetables or not need to pay to get rid of the food waste. Food waste can be recycled to the compost.

Also, for the project, we would like to be offered: plants to grow or costs for plants, workers to water and garden plants, ways to convert the food waste to the compost, ladder, and fence around the garden.

We would like to make our school renowned for being ecologically friendly and hopefully become one of the eco-schools. We are looking forward to receiving your positive response. Thank you.

Alice Lee

The Eco root club



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