Lantern Design Competition to celebrate the year of OX

Competition organized by Utahloy Education Foundation (UEF)

Competition Group

Early Years group (with family), Primary group (with family), Secondary group, Staff group
幼儿园(及家长)组别, 小学(及家长)组别, 中学组别, 职员组别

  • Each group has one champion, one 1 st runner-up, one 2 nd runner-up and five merit awards
  • Winners of champion, 1st runner-up, 2nd runner-up and merit awards will receive a certificate and prizes

    UISG & ULC Awards:

     Champion 冠军  RMB2,000
     1st Runner-up 亚军  RMB1,200
     2nd Runner-up 季军  RMB800
     Merit Award 优异奬  RMB200


Requirements for works

  • Each participant/group can only submit one work
  • There is no limit to the size of the work
  • You can choose any materials to complete your work
  • Full score is 100: 20 points for theme expression; 20 points for color use; 20 points for design; 20 points for personal style; 20 points for creativity
    满分为100分:主题表达 20分;色彩运用 20分;构图设计 20分;个人风格 20分;原创性 20分

 Application process

  • Please fill in the Online Application Form on or before 16 January, 2021
    请于2021年1月16日或以前填妥参赛表格 .

     UISG & ULC
    Early Years Group :  Apply 申请
    Primary Group  Apply 申请
    Secondary Group  Apply 申请
    Staff Group  Apply 申请

  • Please submit a softcopy of the works on or before 29 January, 2021:
    Use about 50 words, 3-5 photos, and a short video of 1-2 minutes to briefly introduce the work, and submit the work to the link below:
    用约50字、3-5 张相片及1-2分钟的短片,简单介绍作品,并将作品提交至:

     Submit your work (UISG & ULC)
    Early Years Group:
    Deadline : 29 January, 2021
     Submit 提交
    Primary Group:
    Deadline : 29 January, 2021
     Submit 提交
    Secondary Group:
    Deadline : 29 January, 2021
     Submit 提交
    Staff Group:
    Deadline : 29 January, 2021
     Submit 提交

    Video format: .wmv or .mp4, file size not greater than 250MB
    短片格式: .wmv 或 .mp4, 档案大小不超过250MB

    File name should be: Year, Class, Name, Class Teacher (e.g. Year 7, Class A, Ng Yu Chun Elise, teacher_Cindy Li)
    *If you fail to provide the above information, your work will be automatically disqualified
    档案名称:年级,班别,姓名,教师姓名(e.g. 7年级,A班,吴裕真,教师_Cindy Li)

    * For enquiries, please contact:

     UISG & ULC (students 学生)  Cindy Li -
     UISG & ULC (staff 职员)  Sophia Guo -

  • Please submit your physical work to school on 4 February 2021.

    Final presentation of award (bring along the masterpiece): 5 February 2021

Lantern Design Sample

For interested party, please fill-in the online form here:

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