Head of School Message to UISG Community (Dec 2018)

19 December, 2018

Dear Parents,

As we reach the end of semester it is time to reflect, to celebrate our successes, learn from past experiences and continue to improve in our learning journey.

This semester students have shared many experiences and opportunities such as: learning celebrations, Year 3 Market Day, the Alumni inauguration, Year 2 sleep over, camps to many exciting places including Thailand and Dali. Many opportunities arise for students to be creative and perform. The international Festival of Lights highlighted the talents of our students and the commitments of our staff. Students also had opportunities to engage in service to help our school and support local and global communities. Sporting competitions have involved students from across the school competing with students from other schools in the region. Through the IB curriculum, UISG embraces the uniqueness of each individual student and is committed to their development.

Congratulations to Michelle Jones for being appointed as Head of Primary next year.  Ms. Jones has held the position as Acting Head of Primary this semester and proven to be a great leader to take the Primary School forward. She has been appointed after a worldwide search for the most suitable candidate. We will give Ms. Jones our full support as the school continues to develop and improve.

I would like to give a big thanks to our teachers, staff and UPTA members for their commitment and dedication this semester to provide our students with so many opportunities.  Some families move at this time of the year and we wish you the very best in your future life journey. Stay in touch.

Our encouragement and support go with our Year 12 students who are working so hard in preparation for their final exams in May. All of our best wishes are with you during this important part of your school life.

On behalf of the entire community, have a happy Festive Season, a great holiday and Happy New Year 2019.

Kind regards,

Dr. Michael Wylie
Head of School | UISG


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