IB Celebrates 50th Anniversary in 2018

18 February, 2018

In 1968, inspired by a spirit of hope in a time of instability and con ict, the IB pioneered a movement for international education. The founders saw a need for an international approach to education which would bring young people together with the skills, values and knowledge necessary to build a more peaceful future. The vision is to foster open and enlightened minds for all primary and secondary students, aged 3 to19. The IBO been successfully doing this for 5 decades, and will continue to do so in a world where we face an unprecedented pace of change. IB students use the skills they’ve developed to help make the world a better place. The founders’ vision—of an education that can unite people, nations and cultures for a sustainable future—has never been more urgent. 

One of the lecturers is Mr. Richard Hopp, an expert from the German School in Shanghai on second-language learning (Deutsch als Zweitsprache) and how to support multi-lingual students.



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