Information Technology

The skills students need, as we move deeper into the 21st century, go beyond being passive users and consumers of technology. Increasingly our students are becoming active creators and collaborators of new knowledge and understandings. The school has a role to play in helping our students become effective users of technology and globally connected citizens. UISG operates a BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) policy, in which the students are expected to bring their own electronic device as part of their daily school equipment. UISG firmly believes that technology should be integrated with teaching and learning throughout all subjects and learning environments. Today's students are already technology-capable and the effective use of these devices in their daily lives enhances the classroom learning experience. Research suggests that there is increased engagement by students when using technology, which leads to improved student achievement. The goal of the BYOD programme is to expand opportunities for a contemporary learning experience The right to bring devices goes hand in hand with the responsible use of personally owned devices at school. It is imperative that students use their devices with respect for themselves, for others and their property, and follow the policies of the school. Student devices can be used for a range of educational purposes, including:

  • helping with self-management
  • completing class work
  • accessing educational resources online
  • recording photographs, videos, and audio files
  • research based activities, problem solving, creativity, collaboration both locally and globally.

It is widely recognised that personal devices offer many educational opportunities to our students, while also being affordable, versatile, easy to maintain, lightweight and robust. UISG recommends tablet and laptop models for their children to use at school. However, parents are at liberty to make their own choice of tablet and / or laptop.