Japanese Class Update (Dec 2018)

20 December, 2018

Year 7 and 8 Japanese Language A students learned about fables in Unit 2. As a part of the summative assessment, they were required to produce their own fable with a link to Year 1's UOI (Unit of Inquiry), 'Innovations lead to change in our world'. After the completion of the assignment, they presented the fables to the Year 1s. It was a favourable time for all and the Year 1 Japanese students' smiles were surely worth all the hard work. (Y8 Lina Piao) 

Japanese(Y7-Y8)は二つのグループに分かれ、それぞれが作った寓話をY1の日本人の生徒に読み聞かせました。今までの学習成果を出し切った良い発表になりました。Y1の生徒も少し難しいところがあったものの、よく内容を理解している様子でした。(Y8 Rashin Kawabe)



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