K Learning Celebration 'How We Express Ourselves'

14 December, 2017

Over the past month the K children having been learning about  how stories evoke different types of emotions. They learned nursery rhymes and songs, including related arts and crafts. On Wednesday 13th, we invited the parents to join the K classes in our learning celebration.  

What an eventful winter wonderland Wednesday morning the K students, parents and teachers had. All kinds of sensory-tactile experiences like making circles with shaving cream on bubble wrap, feeling the icy cold polymer snow, making snowballs with our special flour mix and glitter snow. Both the children and the parents thoroughly enjoyed making little snowmen out of marshmallows, icing, chocolate and sprinkles. To top it all we had igloo tents, polar bear costumes for photo-taking and a snow machine which the children absolutely loved. It was definitely a learning celebration to remember.



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