K1 Learning Celebration 'How we express ourselves'(Dec 2018)

18 December, 2018

In this unit of inquiry the K1 children learned about how people communicate their feelings and ideas in different ways. They inquired into how stories can evoke different feelings and that there are different ways to express ourselves.  

On Thursday December 13th we invited the parents to join the K1 classes in our learning celebration. After welcoming the parents with two songs (English and Putonghua), the children went into the school canteen to roll and cut gingerbread cookie dough with the parents. Extending from the The Gingerbread Man story they embarked on a journey to find their gingerbread man who escaped from the oven and had to find clues across the campus.  Eventually their gingerbread man crossed the 'river' (Golden Lake) and we all had to miss him!

It was a showcase of the children's learning and how a story can be extended outside of the classroom. It was definitely a learning celebration to remember. We thank all the parents who came to join us on this eventful day.



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