K2 Learning Celebration (Dec 2018)

20 December, 2018

On Thursday December 6th the K2s celebrated their learning with a cultural event with parents. Two transdisciplinary themes (Who we are and How we express ourselves) were incorporated into this special event. Back in September the teachers met with some parents and discussed how they would collaborate and set up stations in the classrooms. There were decorations and displays all over the classroom. Children explored different cultures through using their senses. There was a station for trying various foods blind-folded while at another station a mother was storytelling in Korean, Japanese, Dutch, Chinese, German and English with props. There were also other cultural activities like drumming games, scratch and sniff cards, colour block stories, mystery feely boxes, a photo booth and much more. One of the mothers hosted a mindfulness meditation and a student performed the Malhari dance from India. The event ended with a shared lunch in our playground. It was definitely a day to remember !



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