Korean lesson from year 7 to 12

18 May, 2018

In Korean MYP and DP course, students had a great joy to learn various genre of literature and language. They have learned how to describe, express, explain, suggest and present their ideas and opinions in their mother tongue in an effective way.

In addition, they have written a poem, scenario, novel and even make a film. Year 12 students, they write a literature and language commentary with a deep understanding of the work, the author and social background. This is not an easy job to do at all!!

The most wonderful thing in them is they care so much about their friends and neighbors. Y7 students after learning a unit called " Helping other is my happiness", they decided themselves to write a letter of sympathy to the victims of last big earthquake in Pohang.

I am sure that they will be a healthy and sound global leaders with their concrete mother tongue ability .

Well done!

Korean Y7 Outdoor Class

Korean Y8 Outdoor Class

Korean Y8 Outdoor Class

Korean Y9 Outdoor Class

Korean Y10 Outdoor Class

Korean Y11 Outdoor Class

Korean Y12 Outdoor Class




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