Lecture On Nuclear Power

18 September, 2017



On September 22, Mr. Burleigh gave a special lecture on nuclear power and nuclear weapons. This topic is near and dear to his heart, and a subject he says, is often misunderstood or misrepresented in the media. In this nuclear age”, he says, an understanding of what that means will lead to a more reasonable, intelligent approach to serious topics such as energy production and the threats of nuclear war. With the recent news of the development of a military nuclear program in a nearby country, this investigation into these topics is more important than ever.

9月22日,Mr. Burleigh 就核电和核武器进行了专题讲座。这个话题深入他心,而且这个话题经常被媒体误导或者误解。在这个核时代,他说,理解这些意义会有助于对能源生产和核战争威胁等严肃话题采取更合理、更智能的方法。尤其近期邻国发展军事核计划的新闻播出,对这些话题的调查比以往更为重要。




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