Maths Trip to The Museum 2018

31 May, 2018

On Tuesday, 22 May, the mathematics department organized a day trip to the Guangzhou Science Museum as an opportunity for Year 10 classes to explore areas of interest for their final investigation and Diploma Internal Assessment in Mathematics. The Diploma Internal Assessment (IA) consists in a 10 to 12 pages piece where students explore a mathematical idea of their choice. To find a suitable topic, students need to get trained to see a higher level of mathematics problems in their surroundings. This trip gave them the opportunity to learn to observe, think independently and creatively and discuss their proposals with their peers and teachers. As you can see from the attached pictures, the rich collection of museum highly stimulated students’mathematical thinking, and made them reflect of the importance of the subject in the various branches of sciences, technologies as well perception. Students came back to school with numerous ideas for investigations such as the characteristics of the movement of pendulum, of the shape of shadows, of the 2D perspective 3D object according to the angle observed, of the multiple reflections created from two adjacent mirrors, of the fast way to crack rubicubes, of the movement of robot...

Students were so inspired some started their calculations as soon as we arrived to school.



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