Meet Our Alumni August 2017


Meet Miguel Guse, recent UISG Graduate (Class of 2017). Miguel scored 40 points on the IB Diploma examinations.

Meet Our Alumni August 2017

Now that you have finished the IB Diploma, what did you gain from the process?

I learnt plenty of interesting content, especially as I was given the opportunity to choose from a wide range of subjects. However, I think that much more important than the content itself (which might easily be forgotten) is the experience of going through the process. Handling all kinds of responsibilities - in and outside of school - made me find ways to stay organised and going through the pressures of taking final exams taught me how to stay calm.

What advice would you give new IB students about to begin the IB Diploma?

Be balanced, even if it sounds like an IB marketing term. School is important, but having a social life and activities outside school is as well. I would also strongly suggest to develop some anti-procrastination strategies – it is very helpful!

Now that you have graduated from UISG, what are your plans?

I will study Electrical Engineering and IT at the Technical University of Munich and between all the hard work, hopefully find the time to enjoy some Brezels at the famous Oktoberfest.

Describe your UISG experience.

Challenging, but rewarding. Not only because of the work, but also the cultural differences between people from all over the world. Still, the Class of 2017 ended up feeling like a big close-knit family to me. The support of UISG teachers was wonderful. Thank you, UISG!

Did you know…. almost 50% of the Class of 2017 scored 35 and above in the IB Diploma examinations, with the highest being a near-perfect score of 44? Well done, alumni!

Meet Our Alumni August 2017