Utahloy international school Guangzhou_mission


UISG is an inquiry-driven learning community that embraces the uniqueness of all and commits to an International Baccalaureate education.

Our staff, students and parents aim to:

Learning Environment
» Create a stimulating learning environment based on understanding and respect
» Provide inspiring physical and virtual learning environments and resources
» Utilise the resources and expertise of the community to enhance learning

International Mindedness
» Encourage inter-cultural understanding, cultivate multi-lingualism and students' own mother tongue
» Promote understanding of, and interaction with, the local community and host country
» Develop a spirit of empathy and active service
» Embrace responsibility for shared guardianship of the planet

» Engage in challenging education through the three IB programmes
» Utilise mother tongue to promote learning
» Recruit, develop and retain qualified, internationally-minded staff

Cultural, Social, Physical
» Emphasise student well-being as the responsibility of all staff
» Incorporate students' inter-cultural experiences into all teaching programmes
» Develop and maintain effective cultural, social and sporting exchanges

School Organisation
» Ensure organisational systems are efficient and effective
» Deal collaboratively with all school stakeholders
» Maintain, implement and regularly review school policy documents