Moving to Guangzhou

When one makes decisions, such as moving to a different country or school, many things needing taken care of come to mind right away, such as if your child will find new friends, or if our school system will allow your child to integrate back to your home country?

You are not alone. Many of our parents feel the same way when they make the big move.

International schools like UISG are defined by their transient population. This can be an advantage in helping new students and families to assimilate, as everyone else remembers being a newcomer. It often creates a particularly friendly and welcoming environment. At UISG, our students and teachers are attuned to the needs of internationally mobile children and families, and are often more flexible in accommodating a new student.

Our Admissions team is pleased to work closely with you throughout the admissions process. If at any time you have questions about moving to the city, please do not hesitate to contact us or call +86 (20) 8720 2019(School Reception) / +86 (20) 8720 0517(Admissions).

We look forward to helping you make a smooth transition to our school.