MS Girls PRC Soccer Exchange (Sep 2018)

19 September, 2018

The first two game against PRC teams were one-sided in our favour. The first game against isd was 5 - 0 with goals from Eduardo, Jin, and Davide. Excellent performances by Jackie, Eduardo, and haru.

The second game again sis prc was 9 - 0 with goals from all over including a header from haru. The defence of sung, Jackie Togo and haru was excellent. Everyone played well. The final was against another sis team of a higher standard. The game was physical and Eduardo had a good contest against their best player.  Togo was immense at the back and yechan was great in the net. The first half ended 1 - 1 which was reflective of the game. In the second half we tired and were exposed by two good set pieces. 

Although we ended in a defeat the students were upbeat due to the quality of the opponents and we will look forward to the PRC championship on October 13th for a rematch. 


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