New UISG Water Bottles Available to Purchase


New UISG water bottles are now available to buy in the canteen or uniform shop. There is a choice of Insulated Aluminum Bottles or High Quality Robust Plastic bottles.

New UISG Water Bottles Available to Purchase

This year the school has made the decision on both health and environmental reasons to stop selling bottled water and other packaged drinks to the majority of students.

It has always been the expectation at UISG that students have a reusable water bottle with them in school, this is now even more so the case.

Students have access to water dispensers that are located all around the school grounds to fill their reusable bottles. It is very important that students drink enough water through the school day, especially during these very hot months.

If students do not have a reusable water bottle, they can now purchase one of the specially designed drinks bottles we have in stock.