A Message From UtahFresh to Secondary Parents (Dec 2019)


Dear Secondary parents,

UtahFresh is now officially available to you!

UtahFresh is a platform where you can order fresh and organic produce from the Hui Ling farm delivered at school to you. If you would like to order as a parent, we are currently offering the service for only secondary parents as we will deliver the produce to your child’s homeroom for them to bring back home.

How to order?

Scan the QR Code below to add the official UtahFresh WeChat account, we will post the produce available every week on the WeChat Moments along with an order form. If you are interested in the vegetables available, please make sure to place an order before Thursday 9 pm!

How to pay?

Payment can be done via Wechat pay (Sent to Utahfresh Wechat Account). After you have placed your order, a confirmation message will be sent to you. You can then transfer the payment after confirming your order.

How will I receive my produce?

We will deliver the produce to your child’s homeroom for them to bring back home. Please tell you kid to bring a BIG bag to put the produce in, or you can buy a paper bag we provide which is 5 RMB each, but we strongly recommend you to bring your own reusable bag for the produce!

When will I receive my produce?

We will deliver on the following Monday after your order. The date of the delivery will also be posted on WeChat Moments.

Any other questions?

Ask the questions directly to the UtahFresh WeChat account. We will be there to answer all your questions!














UtahFresh Team


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