Character Day (Oct 2019)


Early Years (K-K3). Character Day / Upcoming Events

This morning the EY children showed off their favourite costumes to their peers. It's Character Day! Some of the year levels are starting their unit of inquiry (UOI) on How we express ourselves and Who we are. This is a perfect way to pre-assess and provoke their thinking on ways to express oneself and understand that each individual is special in their own way.

Some children paraded down the catwalk confidently while others needed a partner or a hand to walk down. This practice will prepare them for their upcoming performances on the big stage in December.

The Early Years children will perform a song for iFOL on December 7 to kick off the event. They will also participate in our K-Y1 production on December 17. Last year we had our big production at the end of June; this was a trial but it was too close to other big events. Hence we have decided to move it back to December like previous years. Due to only two weeks of school in January a collaborative decision to have the production in December was made. The story will involve Chinese and Korean New Year. More information will come soon.

On January 17 we will have our annual Chinese New Year celebrations with mini workshops for the children. It is a half-day event and parents are invited. The mini performances have been incorporated with the December big production, thus giving us more time for the workshops and shared luncheon within the year levels or individual classes. More information will come regarding this.



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