Graduation of The Class of 2019


On Saturday the 25th of May, we came together and celebrated the graduation of the Class of 2019. Our formal graduation was held in the Multi Function Hall at school, followed by a celebration dinner at The Ritz Carlton Hotel. Our graduation ceremony really showcased the extraordinary academic and artistic talents of the graduating class. Special mention should go to Justin Byun, Kelly Caio & Kirill Russin for some fantastic performances.

Our celebration dinner at The Ritz Carlton was a great opportunity to take some time with graduates and reflect on their achievements. Graduate Rieko Lengert and Athletic Director, Mr Morgan Scotney, both prepared excellent videos that not only reflected on the student’s time at UISG, but also made all students suitably embarrassed. We also had some great musical performances from the Golddiggers band and our own resident DJ Tomoya Kishi.

I would like to thank our guest speaker Mr Adam Bralczyk (Consulate General for the Republic of Poland) and his wife Katarzyna for attending this year’s graduation as well as all the distinguished guests who came to support our graduates. A massive thank you should also go to the graduation committee who helped organise the event. Mrs Nina Batchelor, for planning and organising the decorations at the MFH and the hotel; Mr Robert Service, for his continued support and guidance through the planning process; Ms Kakei Ho for helping to liaise with outside organisations and organising support from our admin team; and Mr Paul Johnson, for helping to organise the graduates during the rehearsal and the ceremony itself.

My final comment should be to the graduating class of 2019. You, as graduates of UISG, have had some fantastic opportunities and experiences at this school. Going forward, you will only be able to add to these experiences. It is up to you how you use this knowledge in your future. I have every faith that each of you in your own way will make your mark on this world.


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