International Festival of Light 2019 Review


iFOL is a yearly community event that the whole Utahloy community of students, parents, teachers and visitors looks forward to. This year is of no exception except it was better!

The day started off with many vendors, teachers and support staff setting up early in the morning to prepare for the opening at 1.00pm. Many teachers and staff have been working with the students and the larger community to ensure that the school is beautifully decorated to add on to the wonderful experience of the day.

On both side of the stage, open area near the canteen and basketball courts we can see many vendors for different education activities and enjoyed many cuisines from around the world by outside vendors and the hardworking contribution from UPTA.

At the stage area, the day is filled with music for 8 hours from K class to some performances from our school parents. From the start of the day to the end we have had choirs, hand bells team, strings group, bands, soloist, duets, whole school orchestra, dance groups, jazz ensemble, secondary chamber orchestra, Midsummer Night Dream and last but not least an impressive performance by DJ Carlos from the ULC community with his own backup dancers from space to close the event!

There were also many wonderful prizes won from the raffles including LG TV, iPhone 11, Air Tickets, 5* hotel stays, Bluetooth speakers, Samsung galaxy watch, etc.

We look forward to another iFOL in 2020!


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