Meatless Monday (Jan 2020)


Eco-Roots AOC and the school canteen are pleased to announce that our school is participating in a health promotion program called “Meatless Monday” on February 3rd (and every first Monday of the month). This initiative is a proactive wellness program which seeks to eliminate meat from the diet one day a week. Meatless Monday is an international program sponsored by the Monday Campaigns (, a non-profit dedicated to promoting Monday as a day to commit or recommit to health of ourselves and the planet.

This initiative is very much about awareness, no one will ever be required to participate in eating meatless meals on Monday. However, everyone in the school will be exposed to educational materials and efforts intended to inform their understanding of meat consumption and its effect on personal and environmental health. Students and staff will be participating in the following Meatless Monday awareness initiative(s):

  • The school cafeteria will be offering vegetarian meal for the whole of the hot food, noodle bar and pre-ordered lunch (sushi, salad wraps).
  • Promotional materials for reminding students of the initiative will be placed around the cafeteria and in the daily notices (only for the secondary).

Here is the Y4-Y12 lunch menu for Meatless Monday on February 3rd:

If you are interested in learning more about the initiative, or to make the pledge to be meatless one day per week,
please visit

If you have any questions regarding Meatless Monday, feel free to contact us.
Your Meatless Monday contacts are

Thank you in advance for your participation in this awareness campaign!

Eco-Roots Team


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