Season 3 Sports Sign Up (Jan 2020)


Get involved with season 3 Sport.

Season Start Dates (note all days are after school)

Dec 10th:
MS Volleyball (Tuesdays and Thursdays)

Jan 7th:
HS Boys Soccer - Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday (Friday is optional but highly encouraged). Boys will start early this year with 3 practices in December- 10, 12, & 17th.

Jan 8th:
HS Girls Soccer - Wednesday, Thursday (speak with coaches about joining on Fridays)

Jan 8th:
Y4/5 Primary Basketball (Wednesdays after school)

Jan 11th:
HS Badminton - already started but need contact info

Tennis Club: Jan 7th (Tuesdays and Thursdays). Intermediate players welcome.

Run Club: Jan 7th (Tuesdays and Thursdays - dependent on numbers)

Current sports will continue, with the following end dates: Basketball (Feb 15th) (ACAMIS swimming March for Seniors and April for Juniors)

Golf lessons are now available by Birdie International Golf Academy. They will provide lessons off campus at an extra cost. Interested parties will be given their contact information.


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