Summary of the Distance Learning (Mar 2020)


UISG Early Years

UISG Primary

UISG Secondary

Distance Learning is a challenge for both students and teachers as new technologies has to mastered and new ways of interacting need to be practised. In some PHE classes, Mr Fortuna created an essential agreement to help guide students in how to conduct themselves during 'live lessons'. Mr Fortuna also shared this document with other Heads of Department through the Secondary Teacher's Microsoft Teams. We are all students in these difficult times practising creative thinking, risk tasking and open-mindedness.

Utahloy Language Centre (ULC)

Here at the ULC we continue to master the distance learning platforms. As life-long learners we are all continuing to master the platforms needed to continue our learning journey. Students and teachers alike have been practicing their IT skills and have had many exciting live lessons. We value your feedback, so please do contact us and let us know how you and your students are doing. We look forward to the day we can reopen the campus and get back to the classroom to share our experiences. Stay healthy and see you all soon!


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