UISG Got Talent (Nov 2019) - Reviews


Continuing on with the busy event schedule we have this time of the year, UISG Got Talent was one of the highlights of the school year.

Every year we have over 20 groups audition to take part in the talent show. This year this number grew to 25. Under the watchful eyes of Ms Ferreira, Mr Lim and Ms Elena, we have selected 14 items to perform in the show this year. It was a difficult decision to choose who goes forward however, these chosen 14 groups shows vigour, stage presence and the confident to perform their items successfully.

As this is the 5th year of UISG Got talent, we have more and more students auditioning. This year the youngest performer was in K2 and the oldest in year 12. In total for the final show we had 14 items totaling over 40 students.

The first prize this year goes to Christina Jung from Year 11 with her fantastic rendition of Piano Man by Billy Joel playing both the Piano, Harmonica and singing at the same time.

The second prize this year goes to the all girl band from Year 3 Coco, Yvette, Celine and K3 Rene & Essie who perform the popular song I Really Love You by the band Beyond. The girls were amazing showing a strong stage presence, musicality and technicality.

The third prize this year goes to the amazing hiphop dance duo AISEO consist of Aika & Min Seo in year 11 who performed a medley of popular hip hop tunes with amazing original moves.

UISG Got Talent 2019 has been a successful event this year and we look forward to many more hidden talents to come forward to be apart of the show next year.

2020 is just in a few weeks. Time to make a new year resolution?


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