UISG Year 2 Camp (Nov 2019)


Camp officially began with an assembly highlighting our current UOI’s focus on a balanced lifestyle. We did this through a vibrant musical and dance performance facilitated by Ms Elena, as well as a special Zumba performance led by students. All the excitement of those performances only whetted student appetite for the learning to come, so we quickly moved from the MFH to the Canteen where students enjoyed a healthy snack. This was powerful reinforcement of the inquiry we have been going through the last several weeks.

Minds engaged, bellies full, nutrients coursing through their bodies, students were now prepared for an annual highlight, “Activities On the Field”. Facilitated by our very own Mr. Jeremy “I love Canada” Johnson, students participated in an epic Tug-of-War (feat. Ms. Jones), and rousing course of Capture the Flag within their house groups.

Weary from their adventures on the field but still enthusiastic and engaged in ventures to come, Y2 prepared their sleeping mats in the newly renovated UISG Library, and then were off to a healthy dinner and sparkling conversation with their fellow students.

We concluded the evening with a series of mindfulness activities, encapsulating the very best practices of our Who We Are unit. Tired, but in a prepared, restful, refreshed state of mind, students headed back to their sleeping mats, eagerly anticipating another exciting day at UISG.

In conclusion, what is the final word for Y2 Camp this year? Amazing - simply amazing! #butwestillneedalotofcoffeetoday #earlybedtimetonight #thankyouforallyoursupport.


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