Year 2 Cellophane Collage (September 2019)


Today in the Art Studio, Year 2 artists were so excited about the opening of the Collage Center! They were very interested in one particular collage material; cellophane. They were SO excited about it, that they wanted to use it right away! They came up with the idea of creating a collaborative collage / mural on the window, using cellophane!

Sometimes artists are inspired by experiences; sometimes artists are inspired by ideas; what they read; or something that they see, etc…, the Year 2 artists were inspired by a material. The artists who chose to work on the collaborative mural spent time cutting, overlapping, and playing around with the cellophane and its transparent qualities. This process of material exploration is extremely important to the development of an artist’s creative thinking and growth of artistic skills.

It was a pleasure to see such excitement and joy in the faces of the Y2 artists, as well as to witness individual artists working together to achieve the shared goal of creating a mural/collage.

Sometimes creativity and art-making can be unplanned, taking you in different directions than you might have thought it would. But, I think that wherever art takes you, it can lead you onto greater things / places.

I can't wait to see where today's creativity, inquiry and enthusiasm takes the Year 2 artists next.

Year 2 Cellophane Collage (September 2019)
Year 2 Cellophane Collage (September 2019)


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