Year 2 Fitness (Oct 2019)


A recent collaborative Unit of Inquiry in Year 2 was: Who We Are. Year 2 students started with a provocation led by Mr Johnson our Year 1-Year 3 PE teacher. This was a way to engage students in thinking about a balanced lifestyle. Students were asked to run around the soccer field and doing fitness circuits. Mr Johnson asked students how they felt after exercising. This morning exercise routine continued throughout the unit every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. We also incorporated mathematics, students received a house chips for each lap they completed. The total number of chips was counted at the end. Students inquired into the central idea ‘The choices people make affect their health and well-being.’ Students are learning about what a balanced lifestyle is, what they can do to be healthy and the effects of the choices they make on their well-being.

Stay Fit and Healthy!



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