Year 4 Gallery Walk (Nov 2019)


As an introduction to the exciting unit ahead, Year 4 students experienced a Gallery Walk on Wednesday, November 13, 2019.

Many teachers contributed wonderful objects they had accumulated on their travels around the world and the students were asked to look at these and identify what they saw, thought, and wondered. Similar to the experience of visiting a museum.

Our ‘World of Wonder’ Gallery Walk provided our students with a wonderful opportunity for peer discussion and reflection in responding to what they saw.

Some of the pictures below capture student thinking, building on each other’s' ideas, asking clarifying questions, respectfully agreeing and disagreeing, and providing meaningful and actionable feedback. As our unit progresses it is hoped that students refer back to this experience as they deepen their understanding and engage in reading, writing, and speaking activities.


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Year 4 Gallery Walk (Nov 2019)

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Year 4 Gallery Walk (Nov 2019)


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