Year 5 Camp Yangshuo (Oct 2019)



Year 5 camp - Day 4. With the final full day of activities ahead, the students proved that they are more than capable of remaining positive and embracing the opportunities ahead of them. Today the students enjoyed biking in the mud, orienteering, caving and abseiling. The day ended off with a camp fire and bbq for a dinner. The students will wake up early tomorrow as we prepare to return to Guangzhou, some students will be excited to see their families but at the same time sad to leave behind the Yangshuo campsite. It’s been an amazing camp where many memories have been made and the students embraced all the activities with an open mind and proved that they live the learner profile. Thank you to all the UISG staff who made the year five camp so memorable.


Year 5 camp day three. As the sound of raindrops awoke the students, the year five students were just as excited to start a new day full of activities. The rain did not dampen anyone’s spirit. Today the students went caving and were all risk takers as they climbed into the mud bath and explored a cave with water flowing through it. Some of the other groups went bike riding, rock climbing and orienteering. With one day left of activities, we look forward to tomorrow.


Year 5 camp day two. The students awoke eager and excited to find out what activities lay ahead of them. The students took part in a range of activities including a village walk and talk, rock climbing, abseiling and orienteering. Each student demonstrated how they were risk takers as they zip-lined, abseiled and rock climbed in front of a supporting class cheering them on. It was an enjoyable day and we look forward to what awaits us tomorrow.


The year 5 students and teachers arrived safely in Yangshuo. After meeting their camp leaders they took part in a few activities to learn the importance of team work and communication. The students watched a demonstration on how to build a tent and successfully set up camp. Tonight we are watching a light show and looking forward to a full day of activities tomorrow.


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