UISG Year 8 Camp Dali (Nov 2019)



Today we did the bicycle activity. After getting off the bus that we took to the start, we had a quick safety demonstration and took a bike test to see if our biking abilities were adequate. We biked to Xizhou, where we had lunch. Afterwards we walked to a cheese making place where we made our own cheese called Ru Shan. We then had a short bike ride to a basket making place were we made our own baskets out of bamboo. We finally ended our day by getting back on the bus to go back to Dali Old Town.


Yesterday Apple'n'dip and group 5 went to see and learn some basic Tai Qi from Master Ma. After a brief introduction from Master Ma about himself and the amazing benefits of Tai Qi, we had the longest warm up of our lives. After the warm up, Master Ma started to teach us the most basic moves of Tai Qi. Master Ma tried to teach us step by step, but we failed to keep up with him, his movement was fluid and flowed like water and his movements seemed soft but strong. Then we took a short break and Master Ma had us follow him and string all the movements together. Sadly our time with Master Ma came to an end and we had to say goodbye to him, everyone was amazed by how energetic he was even though he is 81 years old, Tai Qi really does keep you healthy physically and mentally!

We went to the supermarket after leaving Master Ma and discussed what ingredients we need to buy for our dumplings. Then we walked to the dumpling making place. Some people started to cut the carrots and mix the meat with vegetables, we were done rather quickly our dumplings were sent to be steamed. Our dumplings came back in edible form after being steamed and we started to eat them, the dumplings tasted fine even though it was the first time making dumplings for some of us and luckily we had fried rice as a backup lunch in case our custom dumplings tasted hideous.

All of us were quite sleepy after an amazing lunch, we were knackered when we arrived at the tie dye place. After Master Yang showed us some of his works, we were all fired up to tie and dye pieces of cloth. When we were done tying our cloth together, we had to go downstairs and soak them in plant dye for a while to acquire the color we want, the longer you soak.


On Sunday, November 17th, the year 8 students departed for Dali for a week of adventure! Students will rotate to different activities each day, so for the first post, we’ll hear from the group who went rock climbing.

Today, our main activity was rock climbing. There was a hike up the hill at first, then we were instructed by Rider on using a the equipment. Besides the rock climbing, we could also earn points by learning how to tie knots along with a competition. In the end, team Pythagoras came out on 68 and Sauce with 53.


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