UISG Year 9 Camp Fujian (Nov 2019)



Today was another full day of adventures in Fujian province. Year 9 students took the bikes for a sunny ride through the country roads to MeiLin village, and some of the bravest cyclist even pushed up into the mountains for some spectacular views. Meanwhile, other students were coming up with unique ideas on how to bring more visitors to see the spectacular tulou roundhouses, before sharing their ideas with the group. It's been an exciting and educational few days in the countryside!


On Sunday, November 17th, the year 8 students departed for Dali for a week of adventure! Students will rotate to different activities each day, so for the first post, we’ll hear from the group who went rock climbing.

Today, our main activity was rock climbing. There was a hike up the hill at first, then we were instructed by Rider on using a the equipment. Besides the rock climbing, we could also earn points by learning how to tie knots along with a competition. In the end, team Pythagoras came out on 68 and Sauce with 53.


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