Our IB DP Students Are On Their Way to University

28 September, 2018

Over the past two weeks, our DP students have made strong strides to reach their university and career goals! UISG partnered with the International School of Dongguan and sent DP students to a Hong Kong Universities Fair on their campus. Students attended Hong Kong university led presentations and gained valuable course and admissions knowledge from the top universities in Hong Kong.

Despite the typhoon, our Year 12 students returned to school to engage in an intense day of university planning. They began the pre-writing process for university personal statements, conducted research on the various university admissions processes around the world, and listed their reach, target, and safety universities in BridgeU.

The highly productive and intense day of planning was following by our University Planning Parent Meeting of similar rigor. The Parents of our DP students engaged in a two hour workshop in which they unpacked a two year plan to best support their students through career exploration and university preparation. Parents were able to sync their calendars with important UISG, testing, and admissions deadlines as well as discuss strategies for supporting their student in finding the best fit university and using holidays to their academic advantage.

With so much enthusiasm, dedication, and support, we anticipate much success for the Class of 2019 and 2020!


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