Primary Languages Update May 2018

18 May, 2018

Primary Languages K3 Japanese

K3 MT Japanese students performed their shadow puppet show this week in front of audiences. It was later than initially planned but was better in quality as they took the feedbacks and advices seriously and prepared well. K3日本語クラスでは、前のユニットで生徒たちが創作した影絵劇を保護者の皆さんを前に上演しました。当初予定していたよりも日程は遅くなりましたが、練習段階でのフィードバックやアドバイスを各生徒が真剣に受け止めて準備に時間をかけた分、満足できるパフォーマンスを見せることができました。足を運んでくださった皆様、ありがとうございました!

Primary Languages Year 2 German

The year 2 students researched about endangered and extinct animals in Germany and the rest of the world. They tried to estimate the size of an eagle and researched about an animals of their choice. These students also made part of an MYP project creating a radio podcast and gave interviews about their successful learning celebration about Air. Die zweite Klasse lernt gerade über ausgestorbene und vom Aussterben bedrohte Tiere in Deutschland und dem Rest der Welt in ihrerer letzen Unterrichtseinheit . Sie versuchten hier die Flügelspannweite eines Seeadlers darzustellen und suchten wichtige Informationen zu einem Tier ihrer Wahl. Die Kinder waren Teil eines MYP- Projekts und gaben Interviews über ihre erfolgreiche Ausstellung zum Thema "Luft" für ein Radio Podcast.

Primary Year 2 Chinese as an Additional Language (CAL)

Y2 CAL students inquired into different animals through a lot of activities. They were very engaged in this puzzle game. 二年级中文非母语班通过不同的活动来学习各种动物。他们对动物拼图游戏情有独钟!

Primary French Year 3

In French class the Y3 students work on significant people through the time. They did some posters with some of these persons. En Français les élèves de Y3 ont travaillé sur les personnes significatives à travers le temps. Ils ont réalisé des posters avec certains de ces personnages.

Primary Year 4 Korean Class




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