Primary Languages Update October 2018

19 October, 2018

Nurturing Language acquisition and understanding  that the development  of student’s first language is a strong predictor for long-term academic achievement including the acquisition of a second language, K3-Y6 mother tongue teachers and students have been very busy in language classrooms.

K3 Mother Tongue French

In French the K3 students work on the letters and try to recognize the sounds. En Français les élèves de K3 travaillent sur  les lettres et essaient de reconnaître les sons.

Y1 Chinese as an additional Language(CAL)

The Y1 CAL students were using cotton buds to make some Chinese characters that they have been learning these days.一年级非母语学生正用棉签拼一拼他们这段时间学到的几个汉字。

Y2 CAL class

Year two students have explored homonyms and antonyms. Look, they’re matching the words now. 二年级的学生开始探究近义词、反义词。看,他们正在为自己手中的词语配对呢!

Y2 Mother Tongue German

Y2 was working hard on their spelling and wrote texts around the topic of the UOI. A special focus was on their wellbeing during the work and experimenting different learning environments. Die 2. Klasse arbeitete fleißig an ihrer Rechtschreibung und verfasste zahlreiche Texte zu den Themen der ersten Unterrichtseinheit. Besonders wichtig war es, dass sich die Kinder beim Schreiben wohl fühlen und unterschiedliche Plätze zum Lernen ausprobieren.

Y3 CAL Class

Y3 CAL students learn Chinese through playing games, acting out, making posters. 三年级CAL学生通过玩游戏、行动展示和制作画报学习中文。

Y4 Chinese For All

Y4 enjoy reading during Chinese for all time in the library. 四年级学生沉浸在书的海洋里,享受着阅读的快乐!

Y5 Mother Tongue Korean

Y5 Korean students had worked on debating and writing persuasive texts during the unit of HWEO. They improved their ability of how to argue persuasively and defend their point of view in both Listening & Speaking and Writing strands. 5학년 한국어반에서는 HWEO 단원에서 토론 활동을 했고, 논설문 쓰기를 학습했습니다. 학생들은 듣기 말하기와 쓰기 영역에서 자신의 주장을 옹호하고 설득적으로 반론을 펼치는 능력을 향상시켰습니다.

Y5 Mother Tongue Japanese

Y5 Japanese students planned a fundraising event for the earthquake in Hokkaido. Linking to their UOI HWEO , students appealed to the Head of Primary and made a speech for other students to persuade their action to raise money to support Hokkaido. 5年生の日本語クラスの生徒たちは、9月の地震で被害を受けた北海道のための寄付活動を行いたいと考えました。ユニット学習で学んだ依頼文の書き方をつかって校長先生にお手紙を書いたり、募金を呼びかけるスピーチの原稿を書いたりしました。実際の活動では、多くの生徒や先生が募金に協力してくれました。

Y5 CAL Class

Rencently the Y5 CAL students accepted a mission: to find out the little snowman. They found envelopes hidden in different classrooms according to some hints. Inside the envelope, there is a character, collect all characters to find out where is the little snowman. They all being caring and helping each other to finish the task. 五年级CAL学生最近接受了一项任务:寻找小雪人。他们根据线索去不同的课室找到隐藏的信封,信封里藏着一个字,把所有的字拼起来就是小雪人藏起来的地方。最后所有五年级同学齐心协力找到了小雪人,顺利完成了任务。

Y6 Mother Tongue Chinese

Y6 Chinese mother tongue students explore persuative writing by sharing advertising texts for their favorite games or handmade toys available for selling. 六年级中文母语班学生学习如何写说服性文本。他们小组合作,为自己想要销售的手工品或游戏写图文并茂的商品推广文,并在分享时展示物品以说服更多的购买者。

Y6 Mother Tongue Chinese

Reading is important for language learning and developing. This week, the Year 6 Mother Tongue students had a “Reading sharing presentation” in class after a sound preparation. Students made PPT or reading notes and shared their findings and thoughts through reading. The promoting of reading was achieved. 阅读是语言学习与发展中必不可少的环节。本周,六年级母语班学生进行了一场“阅读分享会”活动。他们经过精心准备,制作了PPT和分享笔记,并分享了自己的阅读心得和体会。提升阅读的目的达到了。




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