Primary Mother Tongue and Languages Update (Dec 2017)

6 December, 2017

Mother Tongue in the Early Years

Currently, K1children have been learning" how to express ourselves" through story. K1R children were acting out . Look, all the bunnies fell asleep except for one bunny who was awake and sensed that the wolf was coming! 幼儿园中班的孩子正在学习如何通过故事来表达自己。K1R的孩子们正在表演《十只兔子和狼》的故事。看,所有的兔子都已睡着了,除了一只兔子还醒着,它感觉到狼要来了。

Primary Languages Year 1 Chinese

Y1 CAL children were playing basic Chinese characters recognization game~I have "up", who has "down"? 一年级非母语班的孩子正在玩认识基础汉字的游戏~我有“上”字,谁有“下”字?

Primary Languages Mother Tongue Korean Year 3

Market Day is coming soon! Y3 Korean students have been engaging in persuasive written and visual texts to promote their own stall. They are now actively practising using persuasive language to affect the consumer choices by presenting the posters they created together. 마켓데이가 곧 다가오고 있어요! 우리 3학년 학생들은 그동안 마켓데이 때 판매할 것을 홍보하기 위해 설득력있는 광고문구와 시각자료의 효과를 높이는 방법을 알아보았습니다. 지금은 자기 모둠에서 제작한 광고포스터를 보여주며 소비자의 선택에 영향을 미칠 수 있는 설득적인 말을 열심히 연습해보고 있습니다.

Primary Languages Chinese (CAL) Year 3

Y3 CAL students were playing the shopping game. They practiced using the vocabulary and sentence structures through the games. 三年级中文非母语班的学生在玩购物游戏。 他们通过游戏练习运用所学过的词汇和句型。

Primary Languages Chinese Mother Tongue Year 5

Y5 Chinese MT students are exploring the unit " Sharing the planet". They shared poems about grasslands with their classmates and learned from each other. 五年级中文母语班的学生在学习探究单元" 共享地球"。他们把找到的关于草原的诗歌与同学分享,学习从聆听和欣赏中掌握知识。

Primary Languages Mother Tongue French Year 6

In Y6, Gabin is working on cells and doing some experiments. During the scientific process, he is wondering a question, making a hypothesis , doing his experiment, recording the results and trying to answer at the question. En Y6, Gabin travaille sur les cellules et fait des expériences. Dans sa démarche scientifique, il se pose une question, formule une hypothèse, fait son expérimentation, écrit ses résultats et tente de répondre à sa question de départ.

Primary Languages Mother Tongue German Year 2,4,6

Primary German students were baking traditional Christmas cookies with parental help. Erfolgreiches Weihnachtskeksebacken mit elterlicher Unterstützung.

Primary Languages Mother Tongue Japanese Year 4

In Y4 Japanese class, students are learning poetry and created Haiku bookmarks which they wrote their original Haiku with small pictures. They are very proud of their Haiku! Y4日本語クラスでは、詩歌の学習をしています。生徒たちは、俳句や川柳を創作し、できた俳句を小さなイラストと共に入れたオリジナル俳句栞を作りました。苦労して作っただけに、みんなとても良い作品ができて、誇らしげでした。



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