Primary Mother Tongue and Languages Update Nov 2017 (Part2)


Chinese K3
K3学生特别喜欢“我们如何表达自己”这个探究单元,他们认真观看唐诗故事,诵读唐诗,还依据诗歌内容唱唱跳跳呢。The K3 students really enjoyed this unit of inquiry "How We Express Ourselves". They watched the stories related to the poems, read the poem and danced happily with the rhymes.

Primary Japanese Year K3
K3 students in Japanese class learn about poetry. They drew pictures and imagined the world of poetry. They enjoyed the rhymes and rhythm of the poetry while reading aloud together and in turns.


Primary Chinese Year 2

Y2 Chinese mother tongue class students are learning the concept of "emotional color of words.”  They are beginning to recognize that words have special additional meanings besides their basic meanings. Is it commendatory or derogatory? They need to select more appropriate words according to the situation. Students are working together to divide the words into three categories: "compliment", "derogatory" and "neutral".

Primary Chinese Year 3

Y3 Chinese mother tongue students learn how to use story maps and story mountains to help them think clearly about the plot and structure of what they're writing. When the groups finished,  they shared and presented their stories with the class.  

Primary Korean Year 4
Y4 Korean students are learning that the subjectiveness of art allows people to interpret and appreciate it in different ways while enjoying various artworks. They are now looking closely at the paintings of a painter and thinking about what he meant to convey through his paintings.

한국어반 4학년 학생들은 다양한 예술작품을 감상하면서 예술의 주관성은 서로 다른 방식으로 작품을 해석하고 감상하게 해준다는 것을 배우고 있습니다. 지금은 학생들이 한 화가의 그림들을 자세히 살펴보면서 화가가  자신의 그림을 통해 무엇을 전하고 싶어했는지 생각해보고 있습니다. 

Primary French Year 5

Today in French class the Y5 students play a game similar to “Treasure Hunt" to discover a new skills in grammar! They enjoyed it very much ! 

Aujourd'hui au cours de Français les élèves de Y5 ont joué à un jeu comme La "Chasse au trésor" afin de découvrir une nouvelle notion de grammaire. Ils ont bien aimé cette activité!


Primary German

All German PYP students had the opportunity to listen to the German Acapella group "Octavians". They enjoyed to listen to songs in their mother tongue. 

Die Deutschschüler hatten diese Woche die Gelegenheit die Aufführung der Acapellagruppe "Octavians" zu besuchen. Sie genossen es Lieder in ihrer Muttersprachenprogramm zu hören.

Primary Chinese For All

The year 3 Beginners  Chinese For All students made place value cards to the thousands place and practiced counting. They had so much fun.