PYPX Begins 2018

7 March, 2018

Last week Year 6 students began the 2018 PYP Exhibition. This is a culmination of the students' IB PYP learning where they engage in a student led inquiry. They will be working in groups and the transdisciplinary theme is 'How we organise ourselves'.

For most of last week, all three classes joined together for many activities that will structure our exhibition. First, the students worked in teams of 3 to brainstorm possible ‘Essential Agreements’ for the next 8 weeks using a collaborative online tool called Padlet. Students were then assigned to one of the 10 categories of the IB Learner Profile. By collaborating and compromising, the ten groups each wrote a statement that all Year 6 students will agree to follow.

Following this, the students participated in activities to fully understand the vocabulary and meaning of the Transdisciplinary Theme: How We Organise Ourselves. They were also busy working through the process of coming up with a central idea that will guide their inquiry. There was also a ‘House Competition’ to help the students practice writing lines of inquiry. And to cap off the week, they were now ready to propose some possible topics of interest that they could delve into deeply over the next 7 weeks.

It has been a successful first week into our 2018 PYP Exhibition process.




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