Rocketry Rocks With Mr. Abbas

18 September, 2017

Mr. Abbas’ students are currently studying rocketry that combines several topics in Chemistry and Physics. But they are not only doing this during class. Students come to the lab on break to design their own experiments in which they investigate the order of reactivity in several metals. They practice with different experimental ideas during their break times before they fully conduct the experiment later in the week.

Mr. Abbas的学生目前正在研究组合化学和物理学中的几个主题的火箭。但他们不仅在课堂上这样做。学生休息时来到实验室,设计自己的实验,调查几种金属的反应性顺序。在他们一周之后进行实验前,他们在课间休息时间都进行不同实验想法的实践。

Mr. Abbas says it is very gratifying to see the students’ zest for science, and to facilitate their problem solving abilities, with questions on their experimental methods. His students will use the skills they have developed with him to integrate concepts from Chemistry, Physics and Design to develop their own (safe) rockets. Projects like this have developed the students knowledge and motivation, and also their critical thinking, collaborative, organisation, research, reflection and transfer skills.

Mr. Abbas说,看到学生们对科学的热忱,对实验方式提出问题,提高他们解决问题的能力,这是非常可喜的。他的学生将利用他们习得的技能,将化学、物理和设计的概念整合到自己的(安全)火箭上。这样的项目发展学生的知识面和积极性,以及他们的批判性思维、协作、组织、研究、反思和转移技能。



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