Utahloy international school Guangzhou_comment


From our Primary students

"The teachers of the school are very nice and good."
"We like the learning method that teachers use and are really satisfied."
"We like the bright and colorful classroom."
"We like the setting of the school, next to the lake with all the trees."
"We like the variety of choices in AOC."

From our Secondary students

"A lot of support and advice from all the teachers."
"Great camps we participated in, especially in Cambodia."
"We travelled with the HOPE Organization to help with charity work in Pursat Province."
"UISG has been tremendously improving in various aspects including academics, facilities and general services."
"They teach and care for students with their hearts, and they are always there for the students."

From our parents

"In UISG, the kids learned a high level of international IB standard, in a wonderful learning environment. Furthermore, we loved the friendly and warm family atmosphere that we always felt when entering the school. We miss the school very much! Thanks for everything you have done. "

From our Staff

"UISG has a good school environment.”
“Parents in UISG are supportive and active.”
“The UISG administration team is very supportive.”
“ UISG has a high level of Professional Development and teachers are given opportunities in leadership roles.”
 “UIS students have a high reputation in ACAMIS.”
“Colleagues in UISG are hardworking, supportive, interesting and good to work with.”
“The mother-tongue programme is visionary and a real ‘standout’ for the school.”
“UISG has a strong sense of community and is family-oriented.”

From Others

"I had the privilege this weekend of home-staying six of your UISG boys. What fine ambassadors they are for your school - they were so polite and respectful and easily sat around with us at different times to chat about their school, study, sport etc. I was also impressed by their dedication to homework and study in the evenings despite how tired they were. I was also very impressed with their sportsmanship. Their support of our boys team in the final was great encouragement to our boys as they fought hard to try to conquer QSI. I think it is always easy to jump on to email when you want to complain about something - we often forget to praise! You should be very proud of those boys and we look forward to hopefully seeing them again at further tournaments."