SDRC Touch Ruby Championship (Dec 2018)

3 December, 2018

It truly is hard to summarize a 3 day tournament of awesomeness but I will try.  We had over 130 athletes and 20 coaches from 3 different cities embark on a 3 day touch rugby tournament hosted by UISG. The SDRC organization prides itself on providing top notch tournament play, venue, tee shirts, referees, and homestay experience. UISG was able to provide all of this and more. 

Everyone walked away from the experience a better athlete, teammate, and host. I would personally like to thank all the homestay parents for opening up their homes and providing our visiting athletes with a unique and incredible experience. I heard nothing but the highest of compliments from our visiting schools. Special shout out goes to Ms. Julian Lee from the UPTA for helping me organize quality homestay families. Thank you also goes out to Ms. Abby and Ms. Fantiny for organizing the complicated bus and homestay system. I truly could not have done this tournament without your help! Our athletes were incredible over the course of the tournament and we are very proud of how they handled themselves.

Lastly, I would like to thank our touch rugby coaches who put together an incredible group of kids in a very short period of time. Mr. Duffy, Mr. Harvey, Mr. Chett, Mr. Evans, and Mr. Askew. Thank you SO much. You guys are all stars in my book and I cannot wait to see our kids improve their play for next year.



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