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The International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IBDP)

The International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme is the most rigorous, challenging and recognised pre-university qualification in the world. Students study a broad range of six subjects from various disciplines, taught concurrently over two years. In addition there is a required core component; TOK, CAS and a 4,000 word Extended Essay which combines critical thinking skills, research and experiential learning and lifts the programme above a collection of academic grades.

Assessment combines ongoing internal assignments with external components, including examinations. Teaching puts student inquiry at the centre of the classroom experience,, with multicultural perspectives and individual experiences valued as an important aspect of learning. Graduates have access to universities worldwide, with many countries valuing IB students above others in terms of their preparedness for further study.

DP subjects offered at UISG


Business Management

Systems and Society

Sports Exercise and
Health Science
Computer Science
Theatre Studies
Visual Arts
Design and Technology

(Multiple Language courses are available from beginners (ab initio) to advanced (Higher Level)

 Theory of Knowledge

Another core component of the IBDP is in Theory of Knowledge (ToK), which concentrates on critical thinking, personal and cultural perspectives. Students evaluate the origin and nature of knowledge in different subject areas, including mathematics, the arts and science, and compare the multiple ways in which knowledge is acquired. Assessment allows students to develop their discussion, presentation and persuasive writing skills.

At UISG, students have proven themselves to be exceptional, critical thinkers and have come to evaluate knowledge not as relative “truth” but rather its “usefulness”. With the large number of subjects available at the school, supporting a number of cultures represented, means that discussions in the school are always varied in the perspectives and opinions shared.

 Creativity, Activity, Service

Creativity, Activity, Service (CAS) is at the core of the IBDP. It is one of the three essential elements in every student’s IBDP experience and involves students in a range of activities alongside their academic studies. CAS encourages students to be creative, active and keen to serve others. The emphasis is on experiential learning through participation, experience and reflection.
CAS experiences should be associated with the IBDP subject groups and, at UISG, we endeavour to assist students to make these links.

Accordingly, we offer a range of Year 11 CAS Camps, each with a different subject group theme (in 2015 our four CAS camps were: the
Business and Economics themed camp in Hainan; the environmental sustainability camp in
Guangdong; the Geography themed camp in Sichuan and the culture and community care themed camp in Rongshui).

Above all, at UISG we fully appreciate that CAS should be student-driven. Accordingly, many of our school and community-based CAS projects are student-led. Moreover, we foster an environment in which students have the confidence and drive to initiate and develop their own clubs. Recent examples include Utahloy Theatre Club, The Economics Debate Club, The Qingyuan Orphanage Project and the Hopeful Hearts Service Project.

 IBDP Results

IBDP students at UISG consistently achieve results above the world average.
In May 2015, our students achieved:

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