Coffee & a piece of π

5 December, 2018

Informal Conversations with the Secondary Mathematics Team

When: Tuesday, 11 December from 09:30 to 11:10
Where: The Wolf Cafe
Who: Math Teachers, Secondary Leadership Team and Secondary Parents
What: Nature of IB Mathematics and changes in DP Mathematics starting on August 2019

Korean and Chinese translation will be provided to parents.
Email to Ms. Fancy Zou for registration at



Coffee and Pi: Maths Morning Tea at the Wolf Cafe

13 December, 2018

On Tuesday this week, UISG parents were invited to join our secondary school mathematics teachers and secondary leaders to talk about mathematics! The response was very impressive, with a very large group of mothers and fathers of students attending.

We discussed the e-assessment at the end of Grade 10 and the way Grade 9 assessment has been evolving to meet the needs of students as they move into the final two years of their MYP studies. Also on the agenda was the upcoming changes to mathematics in the Diploma Program along with a whole host of other conversations. The spirit was wonderful and we were ably assisted for translation in Chinese and Korean by Chloe Fan, Theresa Kim and Fancy Zou.

The conversations have started and we hope to keep the communication going.

Thank you again to all the parents for attending.


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