Summer School Express 2018 ( Day 5 )

25 June, 2018

Today is the fifth day of Summer School. UISG Summer school runs from June 19th until July 13th from 9am until 3pm.

Creating marble roller coasters with elevators in STEM :

Making fruit salad and mango smoothies with Mr. Francavilla on a hot summer day. Students enjoyed making tropical fruit salad with plain yoghurt. They also made fruit yoghurt mango and banana smoothies served with mint leaves and scoops of seedless watermelon.

Rap music - Dr. Kim

5-6 year olds learned about spiders today. We read “The very busy spider” and made colorful cute spiders to play with.

Making passports with Mr. Taylor. Singing and dancing with Mr. Taylor.

5-6 group were very serious about their competitive sport today. The Green team beat the Red team at fireball. Then the 5-a-side soccer game had a 3-0 winning team.

The 10~11 year old class now has a puppet show script with ideas from all our stories written last week. So we are busy preparing and practicing!

Some great intricate designs today to start off our Masai shields !

In the 8-9 year old group students created pictures for their Native American readers theatre stories.


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